"I wrote this song in dedication to all the female hustlers. It can be hard to constantly live in competition & in search for equality when it comes to gender. Working in the music industry as a female hip-hop artist definitely entails a back bone and this song is about conquering those distractions and doing me first." -Elberlyn


"To me this song is a wake up call. I wrote this as a dedication to people in my life-including myself-who struggle with ideas of glorified violence, drugs and negativity. This song was part of my self discovery that I could live successfully by being positive." -LB



"Yond High is a way to inspire you to strive for greatness, and to manifest your dreams"! - Jah'kota

"This song is the feeling I get when I make music. I feel successful and fulfilled and I express these emotions through my lyrics and tone for others who feel that in their lives" -LB